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3 Ways to Motivate Your Sales Team

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Organisations invoke personnel assessment usually for one of the following purposes:


  • Assessment of candidates in the recruitment process 

  • Implementation of organisational changes

  • Selection of candidates for the cadre reserve

  • Assessment within the frame of personnel development programmes

  • Annual performance appraisal and attestation



Featured below are personnel assessment solutions and tools employed by STI: 







TTI Success Insights™ assessment tools


Remote assessment of


  • communication skills
  • behaviour
  • motivation
  • teamwork skills and effectiveness
  • emotional intellect
  • sales skills




Assessment tool PIF (Potential IFocus)  



Remote assessment of individual potential is an essential tool for...


  • management cadre selection during job interviews
  • formation of management reserve cadre
  • identification of employees with high potential
  • selection of candidates for management training and leadership skill development






Knowledge tests and

professional questionnaires 


Remote assessment of professional knowledge...


  • within the frame of trainings and development programmes
  • in the course of attestation
  • in the course of regular appraisals




Assessment Centre


Competency assessment (resident/remote/combined format) supporting...


  • recruitment process
  • promotions and transfers
  • development programmes planning
  • internal reorganisation







































In addition, STI provide competency modelling services, development and optimisation.